Magic Carpet Storytelling

Welcome to Magic Carpet Storytelling,  all kids and inner kids are welcome, come and play!

My stories are for kids and the inner kid within us all. All stories are magic carpet stories. Stories can take you anywhere to anywhere in the universe. Storytelling takes you as far as your imagination will go.

The Lion and Mouse as told live on Marlow FM 

Reading Aloud
My storytimes are based around books with elements of traditional storytelling. I am passionate about promoting children’s books and encouraging children to read for fun.
All the  storytimes are interactive, in which ways depends on the children taking part. I use a range of props designed for children to help fuel their imagination, but also encourage children to act out parts of the stories, decide on details or choose what happens next from a range of adventures of options

Why is it called Magic Carpet Storytelling? 
Ever since I started telling stories in the library  I have encouraged listeners to come and join me on the Magic carpet. A place where stories can take you anywhere. Since then I have developed a number of stories based on books, folk tales and my own creation inviting the listener to take part in the stories in a story within a story creation.

About the storytime presenter
Ruth Humphreys is a qualified children’s librarian with over ten years of working with children in libraries, schools and nurseries.  She is also a former Bookstart presenter running storytimes and rhymetimes.  She is passionate about stories, creativity and play.

Why Magic Carpet Storytelling?

*Magical story times for children

*Around the world themes

*Traditional and original stories

*Available for bookings including school book weeks, nurseries and children’s centres

Magic Carpet Storytelling is available for schools, nurseries, fairs and parties. I am always interested in new projects and can create a bespoke storytime for your event.

Magic Carpet Ethos: My ethos is to share stories with positive and affirming messages that encourage self belief, living in cooperation and peace with others and spark imagination and creativity.


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