Children should be able to access books that reflect themselves and the wonderful diverse world we all live in. Stories should hold positive, affirming messages to encourage self belief, living in cooperation and peace with others, encourage imagination and creativity.”

Ruth Humphreys

Ruth Humphreys is a storyteller, writer and editor


Storytelling and Presenting

Ruth is a qualified librarian with unsurprisingly a passion for stories. Ruth presents storytelling events in schools, libraries, shops and festivals based on a unique blend of books and her own stories, puppets, props and songs. Ruth has told her stories on Marlow FM, as well as a featured guest on online SoulPlay summer camp. Recent interviews include This is Writing and Moving on TV. Ruth has trained at in TV presenting training at the TV Training Academy at Pinewood Studios

Book reviews and Research
Ruth regularly  reviews children’s books, with a special interest in books that deal with difficult situations. She was recently quoted on the back of Hilary Robinson’s picture book ‘Help a Hamster’ a gentle introduction to adoption.

Writing and Editing
Ruth has a BA in English Literature  and Information and Library Studies. Ruth writes regularly for her own blog ruthsreads and also Unity UK as the UK Editor for Daily Word Magazine. In her previous role she worked as a technical writer within the editorial team for RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Product Selector.


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