The Little Mouse and Hope

The Little Mouse and Hope

By Ruth Humphreys

The little mouse was confused, something had happened, a very bad thing. Her mum and dad were upset. A dark cloud seemed to hangover their tree, even though it was sunny outside, someone had turned out the lights.

Little mouse wanted to play and no one would play with her. It’s a sad day they said. She sat and listened to her mum and dad.
“There’s always hope”, said her mum, “we need to find hope”.

The little mouse had an idea. Perhaps I can help, I need to find hope said the little mouse to herself. But where to find it.

She walked down the path, she came across a squirrel hurriedly picking up nuts to store away.
“I’m looking for hope”, she said to the squirrel.
“Hope” said the squirrel, “hope has gone”.
“Ok” replied the little mouse. “Don’t worry I’m going to find it”.
The squirrel smiled. “Do tell me if you find it” he said, and the little mouse promised that she would.
The little mouse thought to herself, so if it’s not here It must be somewhere else.

The little mouse continued through the wood and met a badger, digging a sett
“Hello” said the little mouse, “I’m looking for hope”.
“Hope” said the badger gruffly, “there is no hope here”.
“oh” said the little mouse, “don’t worry I will find it”
“ok” said the badger, “do come back and tell me if you do”.

Hmm thought the little mouse to herself if it is not here it must be somewhere else.

The little mouse continued through the wood, where she saw a rabbit.

“I’m looking for hope” said the little mouse to the rabbit. The rabbit sniffed the air.
It’s disappeared.” he replied.

“Disappeared?”, said the little mouse, “perhaps it is invisible?”.

“Perhaps” said the rabbit, “Do tell me if you find it.”

So the little mouse continued down the road.

The little mouse was so tired, how could she find hope if she could’t even see it.
The little mouse sat down on a tree trunk to rest , the sun was warm on her back. A honey bee flew over to her

“I’m looking for hope” said the little mouse to the bee
“Hope, said the bee what is hope?”

Well said the little mouse I think it makes you feel happier when you are sad. Ahh said the bee “perhaps then it’s this flower, it makes me feel happy”.
The little mouse sniffed the flower, it smelt good,
“perhaps this is hope” said the little mouse.

Just then a bird flew over, I know where to find hope she said, she flew over to some wild strawberries. The little mouse had a bite.
“I think that could be hope too.”

The little mouse ran off to tell her friends.
There was the badger.
“Come quick” she said I’ve found hope.”
Then the rabbit. ‘I’ve found hope” she called out.
And finally the squirrel.
“I’ve found hope but I need to do something first.”

The little mouse ran all the way home. Back home she called out to her mum and dad,
“I’ve found hope.”
“Really” they replied and followed the little mouse out the door.

There were the animals, the squirrel, the badger, the rabbit, the bird and so many other creatures, sitting talking and eating and playing together.

“Ah there’s hope” said the little mouse’s mum, hugging her,

“It was here all along”.

And they joined the party.


I wrote this story last summer as a result of the unrest in the U.K, with current situation in the US it once again feels very relevant. I hope it gives some comfort and hope to children and inner children everywhere.


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