Stories, stories find me now

Stories, stories find me now!hyacinth-787841_1280 (1)

In my experience these are powerful words because do you know what they do find you and at the most inopportune moments. I watched a wonderful video about this by Big Magic author Elizabeth Gilbert.

Elizabeth he talks about how in years gone past ideas were believed to come from a muse or spirit. Of course the word inspiration literally translated is in-spiritual. Ideas and inspiration comes from a nether field of thought. I am a huge believer in this and over the years have worked on reminding myself to get of the way, so not to self censor myself.

So what really happens when we say stories, stories find me now, well first of all be careful what you wish for. I had this idea and tried it out while walking into town the other day. At first my mind ( I call them brain weasels) came up with reasons why this would not work and then it gave up on this and came up with the reason why it would not work at the moment. Ideas included you are too stressed, busy, its too noisy etc etc. Strangely enough it was these very thoughts that sparked the idea for a storytelling workshop which meant I immediately had to run home and type out my ideas.

So why not try it

Stories , stories  find me now, you know they are out there some where. Why not put down the welcome mat and invite them in, but remember to have a note book or laptop handy!


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