Peace- A story

Peace is hiding in a back kitchen,  scared to share her light.
Every so often she peeks out and the sheer glimpse of her transforms all those around.

But then, she retreats.

She is scared that she will be rejected, that she is so different to the rest. That she will never be believed or taken seriously.

She is scared that they will call her a fake, a child like fantasy and something not for this world.

She is scared that she will be overcome by those out in the world.

But she dreams, oh yes she dreams and even her dreams are powerful. Her dreams leak out into others dreams, they have their own lives,  inhabiting the nights of inspiring speakers.

Peace sings a lullaby to the earth rocking it to sleep on each side of the planet.

“Hold on”, she says.
“The time is coming, you are loved, you are accepted, you are seen.”

All this she does in her unconsciousness and yet behind the kitchen door.



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