The Sunchildren- Celebrating the Autumn Equinox- Book Review

1272339_705892169530496_2286740875236786755_oThe Sunchildren – Celebrating the Autumn Equinox

By Ancient Amber, Illustrated by Maryna Salagub

This beautiful picture book by Ancient Amber, teaches children about celebrating the turning of the seasons. This book is one of a series of four, each focusing on a different equinox or solstice, and is aimed at pre-schoolers to be read with their parents or carer.

Now, it is a special moment in time. Now, it is time for the autumn

equinox to begin. The sunchildren must say good bye to the

yesterdays and welcome the tomorrows with thanksgiving”

The Sunchildren watch time go past and instead of following traditions they create their own ways of celebrating the season. In this book the sunchildren take part in a number of creative activities, including, creating mandalas out of fruit and veg, decorating a friendship tree, making corn dolls and enjoying a harvest feast. Creating masks, shadow play and making instruments.

The illustrations in vibrant colours by Maryna Salagub are a delight, of particular note is the first double page spread, showing a wart hog and bear on a background of the sunrise. The story is a very simple way for children to think about the autumn equinox, nature and the turning of the season. It is a good book to encourage creativity and encourages follow up activities, with an emphasise on children creating their own traditions. For example when the children are watching the stars they tell traditional stories and then create their own. At the back of the book there is a space for children to fill in their own autumn equinox traditions including favourite activities, stories, games and songs.


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