A story about how we turned the ship around

Time to share this again..I am a storyteller in every sense of the word. I tell stories in every medium, love to hear other people’s stories and believe in the power of stories and imagination to help the world. I use my own imagination and encourage others to tap into their inner creative spark as it is with imagination we can let out our own spark into the world. 

This is my own response based on the work of the Great Turning. What story will you tell about how we turned the ship around? 

The story of the great turning is legendary and you ask how did we turn the ship around. And sometimes we wonder ourselves but we did it. There was so much fear and pain and we were attacking Mother Earth herself. And then we began to realise and one by one we began to play, to create, to tell our own stories and about how the world could be. We began to dance and create art. We began to laugh together, to pray together. We began to tend to Gaia again. We began to sing and we began to hope, we began to dream, we began to play.


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