Showcasing young talent at the Prince’s Trust

I love pop up shops and collections, therefore I was pleased to discover last month the Prince’s Trust shop, just around the corner from Liverpool Street Station in London. Although not strictly a pop up shop it is certainly full of pop up displays. Each month there is a different theme showcasing young designers who have been supported by the Prince’s Trust to set up their own business.

The themes of the collection is different each month and this month it is books with a refreshing selection of titles:

Legend Press



Legend Press is a independent publisher supported by the Prince’s Trust. Founded by Tom Chalmers as a way of publishing his own book it has grown to a respectable list of novels and business books.

The Emma Press


The next collection that caught my eye was the beautifully printed books, by Emma Wright. With titles about motherhood, love and bittersweet poems. The books seemed like intriguing works of art.


Gabby’s Starry Dance



Finally of course after uncharacteristicly focusing on adult fiction  I spotted the only kids picture book, Gabby’s Starry Dance by Anna Landmane.  A bright vibrant picture book about a goat who wants to dance instead of going to bed. A simple fun story that showcases this talented illustrator.

This pop up is on until the end of the month but keep a look out for other featured displays.


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