Travelling by train, bus and broom- Alternative commutes inspired by stories


There's no place like home

So today there are train disruptions in London and after doing the normal research and picking my friends brains on the subject, I decided to think a little more imaginatively. 
I mean anyone can travel by train, bus, walk or cycle but if you have a little bit of literature magic up your sleeve there could be some alternatives. So with an abracadabra here is my top five forms of transport inspired by great stories

1. Magic Carpet
Well it had to be a first really, as l always say stories and magic carpets can take you anywhere. Magic carpets are practical and can be rolled up and when flying have plenty room for luggage. The downside is that if it rains (as it often does) Magic Carpets  do not give much protection. 

2. Mary Poppins’ Umbrella
Keeping with the flying theme, Mary Poppins umbrella would be a fine way to get around London. Easily keep dry in the rain and even more portable than the magic carpet. Probably would have to avoid too much wind so it doesn’t turn inside out. All together now.. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious…

3. Broomstick
Broomstick the transport of choice for every self respecting wizard and witch. If you want to be super fast you could take a leaf out of Harry’s book with a super fast Nimbus 2000. If budget is an issue you could stick with the standard issue that has served Mildred Hubbard, Winnie, and Elphaba very well. And imagine the games of Quiddich by the Thames.

4. Ruby Slippers
If you like your transport practical and stylish then why not try Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers on for size. Granted these may raise eyebrows along side your smart suit, but these are effective in transporting you home in a few click of the heels. Unfortunately at the moment we do not know the command for getting to work and ” There’s no place like the office” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

5. Tardis
Finally we had to include Dr Who’s Tardis. There is one at Earls Court and if we could only find the Tardis key I’m sure we could get it going. I mean really who wouldn’t want to travel by Tardis? The only problem of course would be actually getting to the office, with the whole of time and space to explore I doubt that board meeting would get a look in. Fortunately with a time machine we could easily go off on adventures and still be at our desks for 9am. Or better yet go forward to next tomorrow and hope the trains are running again

So I hope you have enjoyed my flight of fancy through London, there are so many wonderful forms of transport in stories. Let me know which is your favourite and which ones I missed. Must fly, don’t want to miss the magic carpet, happy travelling!


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