A Happy Augmented Reality Christmas!

Augmented reality is one of my new favourite things, yes I aware this makes me a serious geek. I first came across augmented reality at the London Book Fair in 2010 where I discovered the children’s book ‘What Lola wants Lola Gets. This book literally comes to life when the reader holds the book up to a webcam with the characters dancing and playing.   See the video below for a taste of the magic

So where does Christmas come into this?  Well instead of a traditional Christmas card or even an e-card I have tried my hand at creating an augmented reality Christmas story using the amazing website

The book can be viewed traditionally as a video, alternatively if you click the web cam option you can find yourself in the picture.  Perhaps the most exciting option is to print a copy of the Zooburstlogo here and hold it up to the webcam.  The potential of this website and augmented reality is really exciting especially in virtual storytelling and education. I have only just started to play with this site but would love to know what you think and how you get on with this alternative  festive card.

Here it is.. Happy Christmas



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