Winter’s tales: Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Winter Shadow By Richard Knight and Richard Johnson

A gorgeous story about a young girl who finds wolf cub one snowy day and brings  it up within the family,  throughout the story both the girl and the wolf grow up.  The story covers a number of messages including the wisdom of children, the transition of growing up and not being afraid. This atmospheric story in set in a snowy timeless landscape with depth and mystery unusual for a chapter book . I would  recommend it to both  boys and girls  as  an independent reader but it would also read well aloud for younger children and the whole family. .

Fireside Stories-Tales for a Winter’s Eve  By Caitlin Matthews and Helen Cann

This book  encompasses a wide selection of global stories about winter time. Includes a haunting Scottish ghost story for Halloween, a number of twelfth night stories as well as classic Christmas stories. A beautiful Russian Orthodox-Jewish story tells the tale of a boy who helps the trees, and the traditional story of Babushka the Russian woman who made toys for the baby Jesus. The collection is a real treat, like being entertained by a wonderful storyteller who transports the reader back in time and across the world.

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