scrumdiddlyumptious – Resources for Roald Dahl Day

The 13th September is Roald Dahl Day, a perfect excuse to celebrate all things whizzpopping,  verminicious and magical.

Here is a round up of some of my favorite resources on the web

Cinderella- Roald Dahl style!

This is my favourite  Revolting Rhyme.

Official Roald Dahl site

Includes quizes, games and information about the man himself

Teaching resource for Danny the Champion of the World

The Witches- Great resource and activities from the stage production, includes role play and storytelling

Some more ideas

  • Host a Roald Dahl marathon- read as many Roald Dahl books as you can over the month. The certificates are of course Golden Tickets and prices of books and maybe a bit of chocolate ( but not a chocolate factory) for the winner!
  • Create a cook book inspired by Roald Dahl’s books some delicious such as peaches, rasins ( Danny the Champion of the World) and of course chocolate. Others a bit more difficult a plate soil with engine oil anybody! ( James and the Giant Peach)
  • Learn and act out one of the poems from Roald Dahl’s books there are plenty to chose from including all the revolting rhymes but most of his books include at least some poetry or songs.
  • Write a story in pencil on yellow paper. Roald Dahl always wrote on yellow paper, what do you like to do when you  write?

Happy Roald Dahl Day! How will you be celebrating?


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