Favourite childhood books

Alice in Wonderland

What can you say about Alice in Wonderland? It’s a classic and a story which really fueled my imagination. I read many times as well as listening to the record .  It encouraged me to learn to play chess and I named our cat Dinah.

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

It is probably fair to say I was obsessed by the Narnia stories as a child, I had every book, game, video and tape I could get my hands on. I had an encyclopedic knowledge of the characters and intricate timeline. I made Aslan masks, created plays about the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and drew pictures of the Dawn Treader


The bizarre and magical world of Roald Dahl was another obsession. I was given Matilda by my auntie  as a Christmas present.  Like many children the story of a child who devoured books and could make things happen with her mind was completely magical.  I read all Roald Dahl’s books and also listened to many of the stories on tape.

So here is only one  a few hundred of favourites, which childhood book stays with you?


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