The Copper Tree

Book Review

The Copper Tree

By Hilary Robinson and Mandy Stanley

I feel very honoured to have the chance to review this beautiful and moving picture book  about the death of a teacher. The book is written in very child friendly language from the point of view of a little girl Olivia . She  tells the story of a class teacher  Mrs Evans who is ill, how the children write to her and when she sadly dies they remember her life with the creation of the Copper Tree.  The story is sensitively written with moments of humour and poignancy. It teaches children that they are allowed to cry and discuses emotions. The illustrations are colourful and realistic, with lots of detail of a classroom and school life  which children will recognize.

This is a book should be available in every  primary school to help with the approaching the sensitive and confusing issue of death. The accompanying website  lists  resources including a recording of ‘ All Things Bright and Beautiful’, instructions to make a copper tree and links to helpful organizations.

The class sing Mrs Evans’ favourite song ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’

 The class get ready for the school panto but Alfie Tate who is always getting in trouble wants to be the giant.

2 thoughts on “The Copper Tree

  1. […] Hilary Robinson’s new picture book came out in August and I an very proud to be quoted on the back of the book and recommend this series as a whole. All the titles in the Copper Tree class series approach a sensitive and topical issue from a child’s point of view.  The first book in the series ‘The Copper Tree tells the story of the class teacher’s dying, the children’s emotions and how they choose to remember her by creating a very special tree.  It is an incredibly sensitive and moving  book and you can read my full review here. […]

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