Re-discovering old friends- Tintin

I must admit that recently I have had a bit of trip down memory lane with so many books from my childhood popping up on film and tv, so much so that I feel duty bound to re-read them! Having decided I had  seen too many serious and scary grown up films I am re-discovering some of my old favourites starting with Tintin. It was only sitting in the cinema watching the opening credits that reminded me quite how much I was in to Tintin as a child or possibly more correctly I was a Tintin geek.  I noted artifacts, avid scanned the walls of Tintin’s  apartment for newspaper articles and generally had to sit on my hands to avoid pointing out all the little clues in the film to Tintin’s other adventures!

My main memory of reading the adventures of Tintin in the library during the summer holiday one after the other, while staying at my Grandmothers.  The title which made the biggest impression on me was ‘ Cigars of the Pharaoh” in which Tintin and his trusty canine Snowy investigate mysteries in Egypt. Indeed it had such an impression on me that when I  was lucky enough to visit Egypt many years later I bought a copy of it to read which visiting the Valley of the Kings.

So where are the other Tintin geeks out there? Or have you rediscovered an old friend recently?


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