Not just picture books- Barefoot books for older children

Barefoot does not just do picture books, here is a pick of some Barefoot book treasures for older children from  chapter books for new readers to a gorgeous new atlas bringing the world  to life.

The Snow Queen

For new readers there are two seasonal chapter books.

 Hans Christian Andersons’ magical story of Kay, Gerda and the evil Snow Queen. When Kay is trapped by the Snow Queen is up to his friend Gerda to break the Snow Queen’s terrible spell.

 Winter Shadow is the haunting tale of a girl who befriends a wolf cub and their adventures. The descriptions of the snowy landscape brings the story to life.

Age 8 and up

World Atlas

 I am very excited about this new World Atlas produced especially for Barefoot. Highly interactive with pull out pages, booklets and panels it brings geography to life.

For all ages

 Barefoot Book of Blessings

 This is a beautiful book with blessings and prayers from a host of faiths and cultures a book to treasure and share again and again.

Age 5 and up

The Gift

 Another one for older children and adults, The Gift is about the circle of life, full of magic and poignancy the words of Carol Ann Duffy and illustrations by Rob Ryan stay with you long after you close the book.

 “ The Gift is about the life journey all of us have to make. It’s so consoling that when you reach the end you feel uplifted and re-made” The Daily Mail


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