It’s a book? – some thoughts on e-books

This post is a round up of some of the e-books out there I have come across. Recently I went the London Book Fair and attended a presentation by Harper Collins on one of their ipad picture books apps, ‘The Heart and the Bottle’  the app is truly magical and certainly enthralled the audience of adults watching but it makes me wonder if this really will be the end of physical books. At the moment I will reserve judgement as apps are fairly new, also of course access to apps are dependent on buying very expensive equipment. I like to  think that well designed apps have a role to play in encouraging a love of books and  making stories  more accessible to some children but only time will tell.

Mean while here are a few apps that have caught my attention

Wild about Books

Wild about Books is one of favourite picture books as it mentions so many of well known children’s books such as Dr Seuss, Harry Potter and Good Night Moon and for this reason I used it  alot when introducing classes to the public library. It is American so some of  references don’t work as well for a British audience but not enough for it to matter. I look forward trying the app.

I couldn’t mention apps with out ‘Alice’ with the beautiful original illustrations.

‘ Duck in the Truck’ with very dramatic soundtrack

And finally a story that definetly shouldn’t be read on an ipad ( unless your children understand irony)

“This tongue-in-cheek picture book about reading in the digital age features the best last line ever written in the history of children’s literature. Savor it in print rather than trying to read it on your Nook, Kindle or iPad —the punchline will be much better that way.” —USA Today’s “Pop Candy” blog”

I would love to hear what you think of children’s picture book apps


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