A Royal Do!

As it can not of escaped anyone’s notice we are about to have a royal wedding.  This is a very exciting time for children,  William and Kate are stepping straight out of a fairytale.  It is also a perfect time to revisit old favourite stories of princes, princesses, kings and queens as well as discovering new tales.  I am looking forward to sharing some of these stories at a regal storytime with local schools.  Here are some of my favourite royal Barefoot titles for your little prince or princess, why not read these together and have your own royal party.


This is a beautiful collection of princess stories from around the world. All the princesses are strong, independent characters, wise as well as beautiful. This edition comes with CD and if you would like a taster of the stories click here

If you would like a twist on a fairytale try the highly inventive and mathematical  ‘The Real Princess’. A Great story which tests the reader’s maths in a magical way, based on the princess and the pea.

The Prince’s Bedtime is another lovely picture book and is of course perfect for that all important bedtime story. The prince will not go to sleep and so the whole palace is sent to come up with creative ways to help the prince go to sleep.  The prince is entertained by magicians, dancers and jugglers what he really needs is a good story.












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