Going faery crazy!

Just a quick update with lots of exciting things linked to fairies and fairytales – one of my favourite things.

This saturday (26th February 2011)is national ‘Tell a Fairystory Day’. A perfect opportunity share your favourite fairy story, cuddled up on the sofa. Or why not head down to the library and borrow the biggest book of fairy tales you can find and have a fairytale- marathon!

If you fancy a treat for the end of half term I believe ‘Tangled’ is still on at the cinema based on ( a very fiesty) Rapunzel, I haven’t been to see if yet and I’m jealous so let me know if you see if and what you think. See here for a taster

Barefoot is all about fairytales and imagination but here are some favourites:

The Faery’s Gift

The Fabrics of Fairytales

The Barefoot Book of Faeries



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