Chinese New Year- Barefoot Style

Two lovely Barefoot Books for Chinese New Year are: Lin Yi’s Lantern and The Great Race.

Lin Yi’s Lantern

Lin Yi’s Lantern is very appropriate for this year particularly as it is the story a little boy named Lin Yi who wants a red moon lantern, but first he must go to market and barter well for the items his family want. The illustrations in this book are exquisite, right down to the detail on the clothes. As an added extra the end papers include the traditional story of the Moon Fairy, instructions on how to make a paper lantern and facts about market life in China. .

The Great Race

The Great Race is a re-telling of the traditional story of how the Chinese  New Year calendar began. Once again the pictures are bright and fun and could be read aloud or by a child on their own. This is a book which I use every year for storytelling and has lots of potential for a group of child to act out each animal. The added extra to this book is information about the Chinese new year and a chart of animal signs linked to birth years.

Activities linked to the books

Barefoot Books- Chinese New Year Activities

Activities linked Lin Yi’s Lantern

Also for other general activities try these links:

DLTK Holiday Activities

Includes craft activities, making moon cakes and colouring pages

Enchanted Learning

A really great dancing dragon puppet and other crafts.

Happy New Year !

Want to read more try:

More Barefoot Books-

Mother Bridge of Love

Stunningly beautiful book in art and story, the story of an adopted child and the love from both of her mother’s.

Little Leap Forward

Chapter book about a boy growing up at the time of the cultural revolution. See this video for the story of the book

Everything else

Yeh-Hsien a Chinese Cinderella in Chinese and English

There is a number of versions of this but my favourite is mantra lingua’s dual language version, lovely to read and available in lots of languages, another storytime favourite for this time of year.


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