Have just won a competition and wondered if you would like to win too..

I am very excited as I have just read in the  Barefoot Books new letter  that  I have won a competition.Every week on the message board Barefoot posts a question and last week it was, which Barefoot Book would you most like to receive signed by the author.The choices included:

Alison Jay- I took the moon for a walk

Miriam Latimer- The Prince’s Bedtime

Sophie Faustus-  If you’ve happy and you know it

Debbie Harter- The Animal Boogie

Caroline Duffy – The Gift Hugh Lupton-

The Story Tree

Laurie Krebs- We all went on a Safari

Stella Blackstone- Granny Went to Market

Well given the wonderful choice on offer and rather than be greedy and say I would like them all ( tempting yes!) I decided on the ‘The Gift’ by Carol Ann Duffy.

“Ooh that is such a tough one as it would be amazing to receive any of these books signed or not. However if pressed I think it would have to choose The Gift, as I am a life long fan of Carol Ann Duffy since I studied her poetry at college and am also in awe of Rob Ryan’s intricate art work. I got to have a sneak preview of The Gift, back in the summer at the Barefoot Conference but have not had a chance to read it properly as it has been so popular it has been out of stock every time I checked! So it would lovely to be able to read it and have it signed into the bargain!”

Well  while ‘The Gift’ is whisking its way to me but I thought I would share the luck and pass the baton to you with a chance to win as well with my own competition.


Post here or via twitter  @bbarefootbooks or Facebook which Barefoot book you would most like to read and why. It can be any of the books above or any other book on my Barefoot Book market place The winner will be chosen at random and will  win a copy of their choice of Barefoot book!

STOP PRESS.. As it is new year there is now an additional way to enter the competition. Simply share this blog entry on your blog or via facebook, twitter or else where on the web. Let me know where you have shared it and which book you would like to win. You will get one entry for sharing the link and one for posting here, via twitter or facebook which Barefoot Book you would most like to win. Simple!

There is plenty of time to post over the Christmas as the deadline is midnight Sunday 9th January 2011.

Good luck and happy reading and posting!


15 thoughts on “Have just won a competition and wondered if you would like to win too..

  1. I would choose Animal Boogie, because my 2yo nephew has yet to discover how much fun dancing can be, and this book might persuade him!

  2. I like the sounds of the one about Herb the dragon. I haven’t actually read it but it sounds sweet. The idea of a gentle sensitive dragon going against his culture by being a vegetarian appeals to me. I’ll bet the other dragon’s give him a hard time about being different – pear pressure etc.

  3. Fantastic, I thought no-one had entered my competition, then I realized that people were leaving comments, and I need to approve them before they showed up. Doh! Thank you so much for all the lovely comments and entries!

  4. I would like to win any of these. My grandson knows I enter competitions but never seem to win. If I won a book for him he would be so pleased I think he would want to read it while usually getting him to read at all if difficult as he lacks the concentration even though his use of language far exceeds his years.

  5. The Barefoot Book of Blessings
    from Many Faiths and Cultures
    I haven’t read this book but would be interested to as who would not like to be blessed? I love books in this calibre e.g. laws of attracting blessings/wealth etc and this book would not seem out of place on my bookshelf.

  6. It’s a tough choice for sure, but it would come down to a tussle between ‘Tales from Celtic Lands’, (think I have that title right), and ‘The Gift’, although I think I would have to plump for ‘The Gift’, I love the look of the illustrations and it sounds intriguing for parent and child!

  7. I could regret saying this – but I would go for Knick Knack Paddy Whack. Both my little boys seem to love music and noise and singing/dancing – so even though it’s not too tuneful right now, it should be embraced as long as possible!

  8. Mine would be “if your happy and you know it”, looks appealing, bright, and intelligent, which is what i hope my 2 yr old daughter turns out to be from reading it 🙂

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